Experimental Friday; Robert Pattinson photo edits

Happy Friday everyone!!   So here’s my contribution for this week.  Just trying some different things – as usual some are going to work, some are not.  It’s just me experimenting, trying out ideas.  The excuses are laid on thick today, huh? 🙂

Anyhoo – hope you enjoy these.

Bel Ami edit is actually a gif so you have to click it to see part of it move.  I know where your mind is wandering – just stop it. 😉

The poem about lips is credited in the edit but I found it online, ‘The Lips’ by Michael Spoor (found on my google wanderings).  It would have worked on the other lip focused edit too. 😉

Thanks to RPLife for the outtake photos.


19 comments on “Experimental Friday; Robert Pattinson photo edits”

  1. Oh wow Jules these are freakin amazing hooley dooley

  2. this a killer one do u know …i love it so much ….

  3. All gems but the Bel Ami one won’t let me stop looking at it! He keeps smiling at me and I don’t mind!
    Nice work jules!

  4. awesome!!!! ❤ ❤

  5. Ugh Bel Ami in action. Yea I cannot wait to see the action. *wink* But the AnotherMan photoshoot with the poem. Oh lalalalalala :-X

  6. […] Here are some amazing edits by Jules: check her site for more hotness: click here […]

  7. Oh Jules – your Bel Ami gif. is phenomenal. I always love the poems and lines you add to your work. They bring something new to images that we all love so much. . BTW – I think the tag Mr Perfect would also be at home on all your other creations.

  8. wow increíble, me encantan saludos 😀

  9. Brilliant…I love the Bel Ami gif. Thank you for sharing

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