Robert Pattinson photo edit post; Experimental Friday

Happy Friday everyone!!  Hope you’ve all had a good week….the last couple days have been pretty amazing with all the new Rob pics flying around.  WFE, Cannes AND Bel Ami????  Seriously I’m just lucky to have remembered to post something today *eyes glaze over while daydreaming*

Anyhoo, I digress o.O  I’m here to throw some Details Rob at you.  😉  There’s a quickie with Bel Ami Georges and some New Moon premiere pics.  I’m all for giving us a choice.  😉  Hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for stopping by.xx


10 comments on “Robert Pattinson photo edit post; Experimental Friday”

  1. i have to say something but i forgot what is it is’t ……………..that this blow my mind as every time
    Jules ur my dream maker

  2. ummmm absolutely gorgeous hon. Both the man and the edits.

  3. Naturally, a quickie with Georges would be sublime. This shot ruins me. And Details just keeps the sizzle going deliciously. I’m a little gushy this week Jules, because I love sex stare in the NM ones too. Brilliant!

  4. OMG me encanta, buen trabajo 🙂

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