Robert Pattinson; photo edit post

Happy Friday all!!  Here I am to share a few more Rob edits/enhancements/experiments/whatever with you.  I went with GQ Rob (I wish) this week.  Thanks to RPAU for their GQ post earlier in the week which sparked my, uhm, imagination.  o.O  So, I hope you enjoy these – sizes are mainly 600×800.  Clicky on the thumbnails below to get up close and personal with Rob.  There’s a couple wet Rob freebies at the end there – I don’t think I need a reason. 😉

Thanks for stopping by. xx


12 comments on “Robert Pattinson; photo edit post”

  1. OMG Jules hahaha GQ – Gee Whizz and um your wet Rob I think you will know why i’m laughing tomorrow I might have changed the sneak peek I showed you the other day *giggles*

  2. i will have GQ day dreams WILD ONE i hop 😉

  3. ::THUD:: I’m sure you can only imagine how much I love these. GQ (beautiful bastard) just got
    a Jules upgrade. And wet Rob looks better than ever! Wonderful, as always! More wonderful, than usual!

    • Aww, wow – a Jules upgrade? *blush* I am grinning from ear to ear right now. 🙂 <– See? LOL Thanks soooo much and I know you have a soft spot for GQRob so I'm so glad you love these too. *mwah*

  4. Rdmickey slids the floor – a puddle of goo. She is incapable of talking right now. Someone bring the heart paddles.


  5. I love every single one Jules! Gorgeous edits! 🙂 ❤

  6. I would not have thought it possible to improve on one the Holy Trinity of photo-shoots – GQ, VF or Details. But that is what you have done. Incredible. The B&W Sad Face and No Fly’s On Me ones are my faves this week.

    BTW – Wet Rob is the reason 🙂

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