Robert Pattinson wallpaper; New Moon promotion

The one where his sex is on fire....again

Click here to download size <1920×1200>

Click here to download size <1368×768>

Thanks sooo much to Setje/Pattinson Life for the amazing HQ pics posted/shared recently.  These were taken at the press events in Madrid while promoting New Moon in November 2009.  The above 2 pics are possibly my favorites….for now.  😉  The words used are (of course) taken from Kings of Leon’s ‘Sex on Fire’ clicky <here> for youtube link.   Seriously, it’s hard to listen to this and not have your thoughts drift to Mr Sexonlegs above.  Just saying. 🙂

Hope you enjoy – thanks for stopping by. xx


15 comments on “Robert Pattinson wallpaper; New Moon promotion”

  1. Jules!!!! You are killing me. I love this one. I’m with you, Rob has burnt his image into this song. Now your wallpaper has too. Man, is it getting hot in here. Awesome!

  2. Holy mother!!!! Good lord woman, are you trying to kill us????!!!! The pic. on the right is sofa king hawt … let me repeat … HAWT!!!! Never seen it before. So your wallpaper Jules … yeah … I absolutely LOVE it!!! It’s pure Perfection!!! Sorry for the overuse of !!!! but it’s your fault! LOL 🙂 ❤

    • Aww, thank you SOOOO much babe. That’s awesome to hear. I’m gonna mail you the original pic cos it’s perfect on it’s own and you should have it just because! 🙂 Thanks again hon, so thrilled you love it. xox

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  5. Is it hot in here? *fans self*
    KoL/Rob/Jules is like the triple threat here!!! Excellente!
    Yeah…what Kings of Leon said.

    *runs off to find some ice*

    • Yay, thanks so much. Glad you enjoyed this one. What can I say – the pics spoke to me!! LOL Now that I sound like a crazy person, I’ll leave it there. 🙂 Thanks hon.xx

  6. wow muy lindo, me encanta, saludos 🙂

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