Robert Pattinson photo edit post

Happy Experimental Friday!!

Hope you’ve all had a good week….here’s my latest attempts with colorings and enhancements.  These are all new, not posted anywhere else….time hasn’t been on my side this week but I hope you enjoy these.  🙂  Mixed sizes – click the thumbnail to download if you likey!

Thanks for stopping by.  *mwah*  New desktops soon….


15 comments on “Robert Pattinson photo edit post”

  1. Sweet baby Jesus! Jules have I told you lately that i love you … Sydney Rob and COMICON ROB! Woot Woot. Skips off to dream

  2. Sydney Rob is just so perfect! I see someone was busy last night
    with Comic Con Rob already! I like how you showed both sides of
    his hair. Happy Weekend!

    • LOL I know right – I couldn’t help get a couple quickies in there. 😉 Some of the new pics coming through today have left me panting. *snicker* More edits will definitely have to follow. Thanks babe. Happy weekend to you too. Will be in touch very soon! xo

  3. All lovely my dear. Always try to pick a fav even if it is not easy. I think from this batch. It has to be Rob in Sydney looking down. Or maybe Sydney Rob looking straight ahead. Oh no. Maybe NYC. Crap. That means I cannot choose.

    ok I choose the one with Rob. See I can pick. LOL

    • LOL! Yeah – I feel your pain. Choosing pics to edit is just….well, pretty damn impossible to stop at just one. As you can see….I have never managed it yet. 😉 Thanks babe – so glad you likey. *hugs*

  4. I love your Fridays Jules. Sydney Rob looking down is breathtaking. I also love the ½ cropped face. You would think cutting off ½ Rob’s face would lessen his impact, but it just highlights his perfections

    • Aww, thanks Carmel!! Love that you love them!! 🙂 I know what you mean about the half face edit – it’s painful to think about doing it 😉 but sometimes it REALLY works. LOL Thanks hun. xox

  5. Lovely edits Jules! 🙂 Esp. SydneyRob #2 (bottom) *swoon* ❤


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