Desktop; Under the Apple Tree with RobWard

My tribute to my favorite FF

Click here to download desktop <1920×1200>

OK, I’m posting this on ‘Experimental Friday’ because it’s quite different for me.  Not Rob as such and not Twilight as such – but I’ve been meaning to create something for my favorite Twilight fan fiction story ‘Under the Apple Tree’ by danieller123.  I can’t even begin to describe how amazing I thought this story was when I read it (dark, heartbreaking, amazing, beautiful – GAH!!!!) but all I can say is this Edward – I want one.  Seriously.  He’s all kinds of amazing in this one.  Unfortunately I’m not sure if this story is still available – if anyone knows, feel free to leave a note/comment!!  🙂  Anyways, thanks for humoring me.  I just had to get this out of my system. 😉  Just a note about the FF if you find it – adult themes.  But if that surprises you I’d be surprised.  😉

The lyric I used for this is taken from “It means nothing” by Stereophonics.  Beautiful song, if you haven’t heard it – <click here for youtube!> It just had the right feel to it for me.  🙂

12 comments on “Desktop; Under the Apple Tree with RobWard”

  1. wow that fantastic one i love it so much and i look for this book and i found it will tonight i will start reading it
    thanks a million (moha)

    • Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed this one. I really don’t know if it’s still available ‘out there’ – if you found it that’s fantastic!! Thanks again for your sweet comment. xo

  2. Holy mother, you could be me. I feel the same way. Unfortunately I don’t have the talent you do to create such
    a stunning banner, pic, desktop…thank you for sharing your skill with us. And if you need the story, I can give it to you.

    • Hi Fran! 🙂 Thanks so much for your lovely comment. *eeek* always great to hear from others who enjoyed this as much as me!! So glad you liked the desktop too and thanks for the offer of the story. You’re too kind but thankfully I do have it *happy sigh*
      Thanks babe. *hugs*

  3. Beautiful. Love this ff and this is so different than the other banners. The colours are great!

  4. It’s lovely Jules! 🙂 ❤

  5. What more can I say to you about this? It’s exquisite!
    I realize now that it is a canvas look background and
    not ‘fabric’ as I thought initially. When you start growing
    an orchard of Robwards like this one, hand pick one
    for me, please!

    Thank you for sharing your love for the story this way!
    So glad to see some of my bloggy buddies who
    found there way over to appreciate this.

    • Aww, thank you so much my lovely. That means a lot 🙂 lmao at the orchard of Robwards – damn, there’s a wonderful visual. 🙂 So glad you enjoyed this desktop. *hugs*

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