Robert Pattinson desktop wallpaper; Golden Globes

The one where he's wanting, needing....waiting

Click here to download <1920×1200>

Click here to download <1368×768>

So, happy Monday everyone!  Thought I’d share some Rob love to start the week off in the right way!  This was my entry to the recent Thinking of Rob blog’s graphics competition.  It failed to get into the next round but I like it so I’m sharing it here.   Nothing like failure to keep you grounded anyways.  😉  LOL  The pity part starts here.  *fist pumps*  Seriously, it was a fun experience and it made me try some new things.  Good luck to everyone still left for the next rounds!!  🙂

For anyone not sure of the lyrics here – they’re from Madonna’s fantastic ‘Justify My Love’.  It’s hard not to think of Rob when listening to it….just saying.  🙂  If anyone out there is wondering if I’ve used it before, why yes – yes I have….one of my early creations for Bel Ami <click here> for DuRob desktop.  I am quite sure I’ll use the lyrics again too….they’re smexeh 😉


15 comments on “Robert Pattinson desktop wallpaper; Golden Globes”

  1. Sweet Lord I’m not sure how you missed the next round and before I even read your comment I started singing Justify My Love – I’ve always thought about doing a vid to that song …. hmm inspiration from Jules LOL

  2. *Nods head up and down* Many thoughts both conscious and unconscious I have had of that man.

  3. Not sure how it didn’t advance to the next round. Beautiful wall. And yes, he may have been in a dream…or two. 😉

  4. Oh Jules… you could not have chosen a better quote for a hot hot Monday … Thank you! Beautiful!

  5. dear this day is fantastic like ur work i love it so much thank u so much and as always i love u u made my day

  6. […] Made by CreationsJules […]

  7. This is gorgeous Jules! Death by the F*ckMeStare *THUD* BTW there IS a RobVid to that song! Just go on YouTube and search “Pattinson Justify my Love”. It was done by the super talented Rosa (aka Dukkesa31). 🙂 ❤

  8. I’m sad you’re not with me in the second round 😦 Really sad hunnie 😦
    You’re wallpaper is the best ! Better than mine !
    Love ya babe ! *mwah*

    • Aww – no worries hun. You deserve to be there and the other wallpaper too – there were lots of amazing artworks/creations on display – I think we all did great. *group hug* Good luck for the next round and congratulations on getting there!! *hugs* 🙂

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