Robert Pattinson photo edits

By: Jules

Jul 08 2011

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Experimental Friday!!!!

Yes indeedy, it’s that time again – already.  Seriously where does the week go?? o.O  I have six shiny big new ones for you….(ok if you are on tumblr the beardy one did get posted there a while back).  Anyhoo – hope you enjoy.  It’s over to Rob….(various sizes – just click on the thumbnail for a surprise) *snicker*  Happy Friday all!!  <33


13 comments on “Robert Pattinson photo edits”

  1. […] Here are amazing Robert Pattinson Pic edits made by Jules! […]

  2. Oh another Fabulous Friday thanks to your edits!
    All wonderful!

  3. Sweet baby jesus – bearded Rob *swoon* – you just snuck it in on Friday. I’ll post these after I post wet hair Rob – hmmm how experimental can you be with those *giggles*

    • LOL! This time difference sucks *snicker* Glad I just made it for you 😉 Offline last night so I have a lot of hot stuff to catch up on it seems!! 😉 Thanks my lovely!!

  4. As always Maria says, Jules you’re a star and a true artist… ok, ok, th esubject helps you a lot!!! .))

  5. Lips, Eyes, Beard. Hands. Hair. I can see why the Picasso mood works so well with Rob. Jules, these just keep pulling back for one last look… again and again and again

  6. […] Made by CreationsJules check out her site for more. […]

  7. Good gawd!!! Each one is as yummy as the next! But HollywoodRob … no words. *THUD* ❤

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