Let’s get experimental – Photo edit post

So here we are – another Friday and that means edit/enhancement day with Rob.  🙂  Don’t laugh but I only recently figured out how to have a thumbnail gallery sooooo, see below and if you like any click the image to download full size (500×600).

They are a mixed bag – I don’t know that I can explain myself.  Ever.  😉

*Thanks to Maria at RPAU for calling it Experimental Friday.  🙂


13 comments on “Let’s get experimental – Photo edit post”

  1. […] Here are some great pic edits made by Creationsjules […]

  2. TGIF!
    luv these, especially the Edward one!

  3. Love love love them Jules!

  4. […] Oh you teased me this morning Jules … as usual I love love love them.  I’ve posted just a few that really  I could  use as my mood pic!  To check out the others you need to head on over to @CreationsbyJules. […]

  5. Dear god Jules you trying to kill me hon!! These are freakin brilliant! Details Rob = *THUD* x A million! ;P

  6. The RM is beautiful and the words are perfect. Something about that movie always sends me to ‘My Quiet Place.’ It has such power.
    However the Details one sends me somewhere else entirely. To the Naughty corner.
    Thank you Jules. You are amazing.

  7. These are all yummy! 🙂 ❤

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