Friday = Rob photo edit day

So as promised yesterday, it’s Rob edit day here.  There are a LOT and I apologise in advance 😉  I was having a clear out and discovered some older Remember Me edits which haven’t been added here before – so just threw them in to the mix.  The above gif isn’t great quality but if you see anything you like, just click on the links below to download the actual edit.  The sizes are all 500×600.  Happy Friday everyone!!  xoxo

Golden Globes (hoping to have a desktop with this soon) 🙂

WFE; I’m confessin’ that I love you

Packer black & white

Packer; sunglasses

Remember Me; I love you

Remember Me; Hold me tonight

Remember Me; I forgive you….

GQ & flowers

Rome Rob in blue

WFE press conference; up close

Remember Me; Ghandi said….

GQ; Obsession, lust

Outtake 1

Outtake 2; up close


14 comments on “Friday = Rob photo edit day”

  1. Happy Friday indeed!!

  2. I’ve come to look at all this goodness first hand. I love your work Jules 🙂

  3. Oh Jules!
    There’s never too many!
    These are beautiful. (my husband’s going to hate them) 😉

  4. *THUD*
    these are fantastic, and yet
    that doesn’t seem to cover
    how I really felt looking at them.

    lovin’ Fridays here!

  5. o.o.o.o.o.o.o Look, I mean Lick all the goodies !

  6. Jules love all your wallpapers. There one I would love for you to make for my computer. In the video of “Sex Bomb” Rob’s are amazing
    if you have not seen this you need to. ASP it is so good and I would love a wallpaper with just his eyes just like in the video. I tried came out
    to big. All your wallpapers are beautiful!!

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment – I’m glad you like my wallpapers. 🙂 I’m sorry, but I don’t know the video you mean, I can’t promise doing anything specific any time soon I’m afraid. I’ve got so many things I’m already trying to find the time to do. Sorry.xo

  7. These are fab Jules! 🙂 Esp. RomeRob and the Tyler ones! *swoon* ❤

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