Robert Pattinson desktop wallpaper; Cosmopolis

The one with quotes from the book

Click here for <1920×1200> size

Click here for <1368×768> size

So, another epic day on the Cosmopolis set – I mean, hummina hummina hummina EPIC!!!!  While the more complicated desktop ‘creation’ isn’t working for me yet *shakes fist at screen* I thought I’d share with you my new wallpaper….it started life as an edit and expanded 😉  I hope you likey….and I tried my hand at coming up with a ‘tag line’ for the movie: ‘One man.  24 hours.  Everything to lose’  You’re shaking your head there, aren’t you??  Hey, I said I tried!!  😉

Hope y’all had a good weekend.  xo

(the words behind him are from the beginning of the book)


6 comments on “Robert Pattinson desktop wallpaper; Cosmopolis”

  1. Fluv the tag line! The producers should hire you as a publicist. Awesome wall, hon! 🙂

  2. […] Jules … I think you  might have to give up your day job – especially now that more pics have surfaced *smileseversosweetly*.   Hmm perhaps  you and I should collaborate on a vid “Sexy Beast”.   Anyhoo right clicky & save this beauty … another fantastic wallpaper by CreationsbyJules […]

  3. This is AWESOME! And gorgeous! And creative!

    My friend, @HisBellaMarie said these pics were reminding her of Men In Black. Have you seen that movie? Because I totally see Rob putting on the sunglasses and saying, “I make this look good.” lol

    • Aww, thanks so much – so thrilled you likey!! And LOL! It’s been a while since I watched Men in Black….that is the perfect quote for Rob!! 🙂 Thanks babe. *mwah*

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