Robert Pattinson; MTV photo edits

MTV Movie Awards 2011 and other....

I don’t really have any words for the epicness of Rob at the MTV movie awards last night….he was just simply all kinds of awesome.  Thank you Rob!!  🙂  I may have to desktop that bad boy 😉

In the meantime here’s a couple NEW edits – plus an extra one in the middle just because I was needing to fill a space.  LOL

Edit 1

Edit 2 (lyrics by Maroon 5)

Edit 3

As usual click the above to download, if they float your boat – 500×600 (credit to RPLife for the MTV pics)


14 comments on “Robert Pattinson; MTV photo edits”

  1. No 2. is just sinful….and I love it !!

  2. I love these and his pop-corniness at the awards!

  3. […] Check out her site for more of her edits and wallpapers. […]

  4. Dear God Jules! That middle one is freaken’ amazing!
    I can see I’m going to hve fun going through your older posts.

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