Robert Pattinson; photo edit post #1

WFE promo tour

OK, so please forgive my slackness here.  o.O  I had wanted this as my main blog and when Thinking of Rob posted so many of my edits (thank you!!) it made me realise what a slacker I am here.  LOL  So over the next couple days I want to catch up properly here so that my archive holds everything I’ve been working on.  🙂  So apologies now for the spamming.  Those of you on tumblr – you may or may not already have seen these. 😉


Photo 1 – click to download

Photo 2 – click to download

Photo 3 – click to download

Sizes are all 500×600.  I will try to take some edits and work them to iPhone/blackberry sizes in near future (hopefully).


2 comments on “Robert Pattinson; photo edit post #1”

  1. Just so you know, you never have to apologize for spamming the beauty that is Rob. 🙂

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