Cosmopolis photo edits – post #2

Eric Packer anyone??

Yup – I am more pleased with these.  Got into my Packer groove – *snicker*  Hopefully these will become desktops in their own right soon….or at least some elements of them.  Hope you enjoy.

Click below to download or view (500×600)

Packer #1

Packer #2


5 comments on “Cosmopolis photo edits – post #2”

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  2. Very cool Jules! 🙂 Great to see these pics … Rob is so focussed and into character. Is it 2012 yet??? LOL

  3. LOVE IT!! And I’m partial to the right half because the sunglasses and the bottle. What do you mean ‘what bottle?’ It’s right….oh, nevermind. 😉 Well it’ll be there in hand soon!

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