Cosmopolis photo edits – post #1

Sooooo, what about those new Cosmopolis/Eric Packer photos the last couple days huh??  Holy smokin’ moly!!  I had to use them asap and so the next couple posts are me scratching that Packer itch 😉  Some of these musings will definitely (I hope) make it into desktop wallpapers very soon….particularly the next couple of edits.  Not sure the above work so well.  However, they are ‘out there’ so I have to accept I’m finished with them.  LOL

Click below if you’d like to view/download (500×600)

Packer #1

Packer #2


5 comments on “Cosmopolis photo edits – post #1”

  1. I was a little worried when I saw the pics of Rob as Eric … thought he looked too young. But the pic. on the right just proved me wrong! Can’t wait to see all your new Eric creations Jules! ❤

  2. wow! the Packer itch <—-lmao!

    The glass windows were annoying me in those pics–smudges, glare, fingerprints. I'd have been more than happy to show up with my Windex and clean those windows so we'd of had a nice view of Rob. 😉

    • omg *snicker* I have visions of you annoying Mr Cronenberg while you Windex the crap outta the windows & hold up filming. Nice. 🙂 Yeah, the Packer itch has to be taken seriously…. 😉

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