Robert Pattinson Desktop; WFE Premiere

NYC, 17 April 2011

Click here to download <1920×1200>

Click here to download <1368×768>

OK, so I had somewhat foolishly decided I was saving myself for the London premiere what with me being in the UK.  Seriously, it’s best if you don’t try to work out my logic.  😉  However, the power of Rob….I couldn’t help myself.  Like a moth to a flame blah blah blah.  *snicker*

Soooo, better late than never – here’s my contribution to the magical night that was April 17th….WFE Premiere in NYC.  Over to you Rob….


(Pics thanks to RPLife) Words in background are the lyrics to ‘Please Don’t Go’ by Barcelona.


11 comments on “Robert Pattinson Desktop; WFE Premiere”

  1. […] a great wallpaper by Jules! | Click to make […]

  2. He looked so great at the Premiere! *sigh* And Christoph did as well!

    There are soooo many great Pics!

    Thanks for your awesome stuff, Jules!

  3. Hadn’t seen those pics before Jules. Couldn’t keep up with all the RC+S. LOL
    Good gawd Rob’s eyes are just *thud* As always … it’s gorgeous!<3

  4. And what a wonderful contribution it is! Are you going to the UK premiere?

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