Water for Elephants; photo edit post

Just a few edits....

So the usual blah blah blah about wanting to experiment in between coming up with desktops; some elements of the above will probably find their way into desktops in future.  Feel free to comment if you feel strongly about wanting to see something in particular.  Just like Rosie – I’m all ears.  😉

Anyway, if you would like to download any of the above edits click the corresponding numbers below (500×600 size):

WFE edit 1

WFE edit 2

WFE edit 3

WFE edit 4

Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.  🙂


6 comments on “Water for Elephants; photo edit post”

  1. Love them! And you being all ears like Rosie made me giggle. 😀

  2. Oh! You make it hard to choose – I wouldn’t care seeing any as desktops – okay I might be partial to Jacob on the ground, leather jacket *giggles*

    Brilliant as always Jules … just brilliant. OOH maybe I should post them and take a vote which one … hahaha.

    • omg LOL! If you actually took a vote on it that would mean I’d have to commit to actually doing something with the ‘winner’. hahaha This way I keep it nice and vague. 😉 So glad you like them, thanks!! xo

  3. Hahaha I know – that’s why I wouldn’t do it to you – I know you wiill give us something special when the mood strikes you!

    • Thank you. No pressure then. ha ha 😉 I’ve been staring too long at the pic of Reese treating Rob’s facial injuries – you know the one I mean. 😉 Just beautiful – I might have to try to work with it (oh the hardship) and maybes bring in that one of Rob on the ground….will let you know if I can get it to work!! 🙂

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