Water for Elephants new desktop #2

In the mood for Robowski?

Click here for desktop size <1920 x 1200>

Please see previous post for ramblings about reasons why he’s in the dark – actually I don’t think I explained anything apart from being obsessed with the romance of it all.  That and trying to experiment!!  😉

The words are from Sarah McLachlan’s “Do what you have to do” (click here for youtube link) ❤  I think they’re beautiful and fit the mood I was trying for here.

Hope you enjoy….I’m sure it’ll get brighter and more sunny in Jules’ corner soon!!  🙂

9 comments on “Water for Elephants new desktop #2”

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  2. Oh Robowski, you look wonderful at night!

  3. 🙂 Saw both and loved!

  4. I fluv it! Beautiful wall. Love the images you chose and the background. Great choice of lyrics. I’m a big Sarah McLachlan fan. 🙂

  5. Gorgeous!!! I’ve never seen that pic. of Reese … very pretty. And Rob … good gawd he’s scrumptious! You sure have been on a desktop roll Jules! LOL 🙂 Thanks for sharing! ❤

    • LOL – I know. He’s addictive though, as we all know right?? 😉 Glad you liked it – I love that pic of Reese, can’t remember where I found it unfortunately.
      Thanks for your comment babes, you’re too kind as always. *hugs*

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