Photo edits catch-up post: Remember Me & Water for Elephants

OK, in the interest of having this blog as my main archive I thought I’d share the edits/enhancements/whatever you want to call them that I’m doing in between desktops.  Sometimes they’re just experimental, sometimes they lead to desktops and in some cases there will be bits from the above that might still appear in future desktops.  😉  I work in mysterious ways 😛 (I’ve previously posted edits but I’ve been a bit slack lately, hence this catch up!!).

If you would like any of the above – they are all numbered so just click on the corresponding number below to show the image. Have fun! 🙂

Image 1 – WFE

Image 2 – WFE

Image 3 – WFE

Image 4 – RM

Image 5 – RM

Image 6 – RM


10 comments on “Photo edits catch-up post: Remember Me & Water for Elephants”

  1. all so pretty.
    even all bruised up==pretty.
    I like No. 2 a lot!

  2. Gorgeous edits! Keep working in mysterious ways. 😉 *hugs*

  3. What can I say? *sigh*

    Two of my favorite movies, with my favorie man!!!

    Thanks, bb!

  4. So I’m wandering around in the fandom and I stumble upon a comment you left on some blog.. Terrible I can’t even remember where now…Because I’ve been sitting here for the last hour looking at all of your amazing..AMAZING work. I’ve seen these wallpapers and banners ALL over Rob-heaven. No way I could leave without a “YOU ROCK!” remark. It’s really kick ass!!

    • WOW!! Thank you soooo much for your amazing comment!! Totally made my day – so glad you’re enjoying my ‘stuff’. Rob’s just too amazing, I can’t help myself 😉
      Thanks babes, YOU rock!! 🙂

  5. These are lovely Jules! 🙂 Esp. #3 and #6! *swoon* ❤

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