Cosmopolis inspired desktop wallpaper

Anyone want some Eric Packer?

Click here to download desktop size <1920 x 1200>

So to confess – the body on the car isn’t Rob’s, I just manipped his head on to it.  Sorry. 😉  It just fit my idea of Cosmopolis – I tried to break the glass on the car and scruff it up a bit, that kind of thing, since both Eric and the car go on an amazing journey….yes, I have finally read it.  \o/  Oh Eric!!

Anyways, hope you enjoy this one.  *hugs*



19 comments on “Cosmopolis inspired desktop wallpaper”


  2. WOW!!! ❤

  3. Amazing! Love manipped Rob on the car!

  4. OMG Jules, it’s GREAT, I love it!!!

  5. I told you on tumblr, but I will tell you here too. My fav of Cosmopolis you have done. Perfect with the vogue sunglasses. Funny the vogue photoshoot has never done anything to me. Put it on this…and GAWD !

    • Wow, thanks – so glad you like this. I do have a soft spot for that Vogue shoot but it was just the one photo I found that fit the base image AND he’s wearing sunglasses. Eric loves his sunglasses 🙂 Thanks hon. ❤

  6. Love this one babes! great work!

  7. so Eric Packer…! your works are so good.

    [though when you noted that it wasn’t Rob’s hotbod, I checked the pic and there was the sign I’m looking for – the HANDS. Rob’s are long and IDK, just something >_^]

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