Set Fire to the Rain: Robert Pattinson desktop

And I feel lost into the flames....

Clicky here to download desktop size <1920 x 1200>

So I’m crushing hard on a new CD I bought last weekend; Adele’s “21”.  I’m obsessing with one song in particular at the moment and that’s “Set fire to the rain” which is what inspired the above.  You see??  I did have a point to telling you the above.  😉  Anyways, hope you like it – bit different but hope wet Rob shines through for you at the very least.  🙂

Happy Saturday!!


15 comments on “Set Fire to the Rain: Robert Pattinson desktop”

  1. It is different, but in a really great way!!!

    Adele is amazing! Love her stuff as well…

    btw, what do I have to do if I have a Wallpaper request?

  2. Wow! I love the mixture of the B & W and firey colors. Stunning and very dramatic! Will have to check out Adele’s music.

  3. I really luv this one Jules!! Wet Robert is just…….guh!!

  4. […] This awesome wallpaper was created by CreationsbyJules. […]

  5. Wow! Very cool Jules. 🙂 I don’t know “Set fire to the rain but I’ll check it out”. ❤

  6. Love this! as always!

  7. You’ve worked a little magic here 🙂 Lovely imagery and excellent photoshop skills. It’s very evocative.

  8. You are very welcome -good credit needs to be given when its due -thats my motto! 🙂

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