A darker Valentine’s offering: Edward Cullen

Happy Valentine's Day!

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So I started this a while ago but since it’s finished I figured I’d call it a Valentine’s alternative 😉  Anything Edward Cullen says to Bella is romantic in a clasping hands together, grinning like the cheshire cat and sighing out loud kind of way.  That’s not just me, right??  o.O

Anyways, the words are from one of my favorite Evanescence songs ‘Bring me to life’….I was imagining it from Bella’s point of view but in my opinion they save each other pretty much equally so there’s Edward in the lyrics too. 😉  Just my take on it!!

Hope you enjoy.  Happy Valentine’s Day!!

*edit* I should just make it clear/state the obvious: that Edward’s not just for Valentine’s day….he’s forever.  🙂  ❤


4 comments on “A darker Valentine’s offering: Edward Cullen”

  1. Absolutely love this!!!!

  2. Very cool! Love it! 🙂

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