Water for Elephants new desktop #2

In your eyes, in your smile, in your kiss....

Click here to download <1920 x 1200>

This is the other one I mentioned in my previous post – they sort of partner each other!

Another from Marlena’s point of view….this is inspired by the feelings she has for Jacob – reawakening her passion and let’s face it *looks at him* lust!! 😀   The words are taken from Madonna’s “Forbidden Love” (from Bedtime Stories cd) and to quote: “If I had one wish, love would feel like this” i.e. staring into Rob’s eyes, feeling all a-glow and shooting stars all around in the sky above!!  Is that asking for too much?? *lol*

Hope you enjoy.


14 comments on “Water for Elephants new desktop #2”

  1. These were beautiful–not just the artwork but the sentiment you added in. 🙂

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous Jules!! Fabulous job my friend!!

  3. That one is GORGEOUS Jules! Love the line too! 🙂 ❤

  4. Jules

    This and all your wallpapers/desktops are bloody brilliant! Have posted a few on our site – they need to be shared 😀

  5. Just beautiful! They should use your art to promote the film. 🙂

  6. Beautiful wallpapers, I’ve looked at them endless times now lol. You have an amazing talent Jules, thanks for sharing it with us. :p

  7. Your creations are just beautiful Jules. You are so talented.

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