Recycling Rob – iPad wallpapers

Want one?? Click corresponding numbered links below.

Not new as such, just Recycling Rob….I’d happily do my bit for the environment and use him over and over and…. 😉

Anyhoo – sorry, I digress – the lovely Twi-Mobile blog asked if I’d consider doing a few wallpapers for those of you lucky enough to have iPads (sadly not me o.O).  Hence the recycling bit – the above are all full size desktops posted over the last couple months and if you’d like the full size version then *points to archive buttons* they’re there somewhere. 🙂  Otherwise, for iPad size – click links below (hope they work!):

iPad 1

iPad 2

iPad 3



4 comments on “Recycling Rob – iPad wallpapers”

  1. Man, I don’t have an Ipad, either.

  2. The BEST reason to buy an iPad! 😉

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