Cosmopolis desktop celebration!

Sex on legs

Click here for desktop size <1920 x 1200>

To celebrate the confirmed news that Cosmopolis will be Rob’s new project; taaa daaaah a new desktop.  (I had an Eric PackerPackinson itch to scratch).   😉

*edit* I’ve updated this by removing the Marion Cotillard image now that she’s no longer able to do this movie.

Click here if you’d like my edit which started it all 🙂

Updated: click here for an old Rob edit updated with a quote from Metropolis (credit to Robsessed blog for the quote!)


12 comments on “Cosmopolis desktop celebration!”

  1. LOVE it Jules!!!
    And to answer your question … NO! LOL 🙂

  2. OH. MY. GAWD. Can you read my thoughts or something???

    I just wanted to ask if… maybe… you could do a Cosmopolis Wallpaper, and now?
    There it is!!!

    Love it! I WANT MORE Packinson!!!

  3. Awesome wall! As for the ride, bring it on! 😉

  4. Um..not sure I can. But I do wanna TRY !

  5. I don’t know if I can handle the ride, but I’ll try as many times as possible!

  6. I’m not handling the ride well so far! LOL This is awesome-especially Rob leaning on the car -nice work!

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