Water for Elephants desktop

That perfect profile....

Click here for desktop size <1920 x 1200>

Trying a bigger size my lovelies….hope it works for you!!  🙂

Thanks to PattinsonLife for the HQ wfe pics….I just had to use him on his own this time.  😉

The words are taken from the lyrics to Ellie Goulding’s “Animal”….I just thought they fit him perfectly!! 🙂 If you want to check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMR2y1uPZM8 I am pretty sure the lyrics will crop up a lot more in future work 😛



9 comments on “Water for Elephants desktop”

  1. That´s just…. PERFECT??? AMAZING??? FUCKING AWESOME???
    No, I just can´t find the right words for it!!!

    PLEASE do more Robowskis…. for me??? *smiles shyly*

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Susan. Susan said: RT @Creationsjules: Hi all!! New Water for Elephants desktop posted, Jacob is love: http://wp.me/p164ix-9W […]

  3. Holy shit. GAH. That look. UNF UNF UNF.

    Absolutely freaking gorgeous and now my new wallpaper.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I can’t get enough of Robowski. ❤

  5. Oh, girls. I totally agree with you all, I also love Robowski. BTW I love the new wallpaper size.

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