Remember Me – photo edit

Trying to hold back the tears....

An experiment with TybertI thought I’d share….gawd I love this movie – if I want a happy ending I just switch it off at a point where everyone is smiley/happy near the end….don’t get me wrong, I can man up and watch it all – I just need extra supplies of tissues at the ready   😉

Clicky HERE to download should you feel like it 🙂


5 comments on “Remember Me – photo edit”

  1. Beautiful! Why is our boy always getting the sh*t kicked outta him? Ced, Ty, now Jay??? Bruises never looked so kissable.

  2. Beautiful! And I’ll be happy to kiss his boo-boos 😉

  3. […] to lovely Jules for reminding us of those very memorable words) Continue […]

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