Water for Elephants desktop

More Jacob love

Clicky here for big top size <1280 x 800>

Back with another Water for Elephants image – this time it’s desktop size.  Have I mentioned I’m excited about this movie??  😉  Hope you enjoy – click on the above link for full size.


Lights brushes came from: http://www.obsidiandawn.com


8 comments on “Water for Elephants desktop”

  1. That’s striking!!!!
    Would you mind emailing me tonguetwied@gmail.com when you have a chance I want to ask you something. thnks!

  2. Wow…absolutely stunning!

  3. […] for Elephants desktop #2ktop wallpaper Water for Elephants desktop Robert Pattinson editLight my Fire – Robert Pattinson desktop Light my Fire – Robert […]

  4. That´s just so amazing!!! I think I never have to change my Wallpaper again… 🙂

    btw, how can I save some of your edits? (right click doesn´t work!)

    • Hi! Thanks so much – glad you enjoy it. And yes, sorry – I’ve updated some of the edit pages with a download link (I keep forgetting!!). If I’ve missed one you would like, let me know ok? 🙂
      Thanks again.

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