Happy Halloween – Robert Pattinson desktop

Fang-tastic Rob 😉

Clicky here for pumpkin size <1280 x 800>

Another contribution to my mini Halloween countdown….this may or may not be the final one.  My other planned wall isn’t working at all o_O  Anyways – hope you enjoy this and wishing you a Happy Halloween.  Have fun.  🙂


3 comments on “Happy Halloween – Robert Pattinson desktop”

  1. Hey, I want to ask your permission to publish this wallpapers in my blog? I’ll give you the credit thou.

    • Hey – thanks so much. Sorry I’m late replying, I didn’t see your message until now. I’d be really thrilled if you want to use any wallpapers on your blog and seriously grateful if you could just credit this blog with a mention or a link when ever you do. Thanks again – you’ve got an awesome blog!!

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